Brain and brain, what is brain?

I know it’s kind of tacky to post a “sorry for not posting” post, but I also figure it’s courteous to let folks know I haven’t forgotten this blog. Mostly I haven’t been posting because I intend this to be a place for posting about methods that help me keep my shit together, and for the past few months I mostly haven’t been keeping my shit together. Partly that’s because we moved to a new apartment in April and we still have things in boxes. Also, my previous therapist quit and I’m unsatisfied with the new one, so that element has also been missing for me lately. Also I have my cats now, and cats are super distracting.

That all sounds like a bunch of crappy excuses, but for me it all adds up to being really confused and out of my routines and having very little executive function. So needless to say, it hasn’t been the best time for me to be giving anyone else advice on how to function!

There has been one development I want to mention, though, which is that H, D, and I are all working toward FINALLY getting neuropsych testing. H is the farthest along and has actually made an appointment for a few months from now. D and I are stalled a bit because we’ve gotten sort of bogged down in the referral process, because for some reason (where we live) you have to get a referral from your primary care provider rather than your therapist. This seems silly to me, because I doubt my PCP actually knows anything about autism beyond whatever cursory information she would’ve received in training to be a nurse practitioner. But I’m pretty sure what will end up happening is I will see my PCP, tell her I need a referral, and have her get in contact with my therapist to discuss stuff.

I also found this learning disability checklist from It’s not specific to autism, but does cover a lot of traits that many autistic people have, and might be a useful jumping-off point when requesting a referral for neuropsych testing. We went to Staples and printed out a copy for each of us to fill out, so now we have something we can show our providers when they want to know what sorts of things we have trouble with.


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  1. Maybe it’s tacky, but I’m glad you’re still interested in updating your blog! It has the potential to be a great resource so I’m definitely looking forward to more things to read when you are feeling up to it. You sound like you have a lot on your plate so good luck with that!

  2. By the way, that checklist is interesting. There’s some questions that don’t appear on the “adult” column which still feel like they apply to me, like clumsiness, difficulty staying on topic, inserting invented words (I love that one), difficulty repeating verbal instructions (DREADFUL), knowing how to share feelings, and self-control when frustrated. I wonder why they think those things don’t happen with adults.

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